The Monday Metagame (October 5th)

Hello and welcome back to the Monday Metagame! There was an amazing turnout on Monday and as such we have a varied and interesting  metagame to analyze!

The Monday Metagame! September 29th

Hey everyone! It’s Liam and though I’m now living on the other side of the country I’m still going to try to provide a break down of the weekly metagame! I’m going to handle things slightly differently now as well since there is already a bunch of work being done for Thursdaylander (seriously check out… Read More »The Monday Metagame! September 29th

Thursday 24th – Full Recap by Tim MacInnis

So normally I send Thursday champs a couple questions about their deck, but Tim was rad enough to totally tackle it on his own. For those of you that aren’t aware, Tim is one of the original pioneers of goblins in Highlander. Dude has turned more goblins sideways than you can shake a stick at. Here’s Tim with… Read More »Thursday 24th – Full Recap by Tim MacInnis

Monday Metagame – Interim Period 17th – 21st

Hey Everyone, Our own Bernard Nelles took up the torch to put together the Monday Metagame. This post covers both last Thursday and this Monday. In the past Liam Coughlan had sort of broken down, and analyzed this information, but I don’t believe we will have someone in place to do that for a couple… Read More »Monday Metagame – Interim Period 17th – 21st

Interview: Thurslander Champion Matt Grier

Thursday the 17th Champion was Matt Grier with an overwhelming mass of Goblins. Matt’s been playing this list for quite a well, and alongside Tim is considered one of the best players with it. Matt and Tim found each other facing off in the finals and the match was seriously Intense. Here’s Matt:

Interview: Thurslander Champion Rowan BK

Slicing his opponents up, Rowan crushed Thurslander, getting the bye for this Monday. He’s ruining lives with a Mardu (Dega for you oldies) Control brew that is pretty slick. Mtg Vault Link Here’s Rowan:

Interview: Thurslander Champion Pat Berdusco

Boosh, Patty B took it down on Thursday September 3rd (rather savagely), so I asked him a few questions about his RUG tempo deck. As an ongoing commitment to the radness that is the highlander community I feel like it’s time to start hearing from the players about their decks. Traditionally Thursday doesn’t see as much love, and… Read More »Interview: Thurslander Champion Pat Berdusco

Jeremy On Constructed Resources

Our own Jeremy White was featured on Marshall Sutcliffe’s Constructed Resources. They talked about the format overall, and the future of Canadian Highlander. Have a listen! Constructed Resources: Episode 32

Highlander: Monday August 24th 2015

Jeremy White took down Monday night Highlander with his RUG Scapeshift brew. Congrats Jer! Here’s the decklist on Tapped out: Tapped Out Link

The Monday Metagame(April 20th)

Hey Everyone! I was really struggling with what to write about the metagame for this past week and it wasn’t until I built my deck for this week that I decided on what to say! The last week was dominated by aggressive and midrange decks with both of those types of strategies pushing tempo out… Read More »The Monday Metagame(April 20th)

The Monday Metagame (April 13th)

Hello again everyone! The metagame for this week was very intriguing so let’s dive right into it! There were still a lot of players present for this Monday though the numbers were slightly lower than they have been in the past few weeks. That being said the meta was still extremely diverse. Ultimately Colin ended… Read More »The Monday Metagame (April 13th)

The Monday Metagame (April 6th)

Hey friends and welcome back to Monday Metagame! I took forever to process this weeks metagame as it was large and very complicated. Most archetypes were fairly well represented in the meta with blue decls tending to rise to the top. The four 3-0 decks at the beginning of the fourth round were BUG tempo,… Read More »The Monday Metagame (April 6th)