April 11th, 2016

36 Players – 28 Archetypes
Finals: Goblins (Winner) vs UR Prowess

Combo – 7
2x Academy Combo/Control
2x CradleHoof
2x Storm
4C Birthing Pod

Control & Tempo – 11
Bant Control
Blue Moon
BUG Control
Mono-Blue Eldrazi
The Rock
UB Control
Bant Tempo
Grixis Tempo
Jeskai Tempo
RUG Tempo
UR Prowess

Midrange & Ramp – 5
2x Jeskai Midrange
Esper Midrange
Junk Midrange
Big Red

Aggro – 13
4x Goblins
2x Junk Blade
Bant Blade
Mono-Black Stompy aka “Ride the Demon”
Mono-Black Aggro
Naya Aggro
Naya Burn
Red Deck Wins