Points List

Each deck must contain minimum 100 cards, and contain no more than one of any given card. The exceptions to this rule are basic lands and cards that explicitly state otherwise. (e.g. Relentless Rats).

Each deck may contain no more than a maximum of 10 points

Card NamePointsColorsTypes
Ancestral Recall7BlueInstant
Birthing Pod1GreenArtifact
Black Lotus7ColorlessArtifact
Demonic Tutor4BlackSorcery
Dig Through Time1BlueInstant
Gifts Ungiven2BlueInstant
Imperial Seal1BlackSorcery
Mana Crypt5ColorlessArtifact
Mana Drain1BlueInstant
Mana Vault1ColorlessArtifact
Merchant Scroll1BlueSorcery
Mox Emerald3ColorlessArtifact
Mox Jet3ColorlessArtifact
Mox Pearl3ColorlessArtifact
Mox Ruby3ColorlessArtifact
Mox Sapphire3ColorlessArtifact
Mystical Tutor1BlueInstant
Natural Order3GreenSorcery
Sol Ring4ColorlessArtifact
Strip Mine3ColorlessLand
Survival of the Fittest1GreenEnchantment
Tainted Pact1BlackInstant
Thassa’s Oracle7BlueCreature
Time Vault7ColorlessArtifact
Time Walk7BlueSorcery
Tolarian Academy1ColorlessLand
Treasure Cruise1BlueSorcery
True-Name Nemesis1BlueCreature
Umezawa’s Jitte2ColorlessArtifact
Underworld Breach3RedEnchantment
Vampiric Tutor2BlackInstant
Wishclaw Talisman1BlackArtifact
Yawgmoth’s Will1BlackSorcery

In addition, the following cards are banned from Canadian Highlander:

Ante cards
Conspiracy cards
Cards depicting racism and cultural insensitivity
– Dexterity cards
– Silver-bordered cards
– Acorn cards
– Sub-game cards

Effectively, Canadian Highlander shares a banned list with Vintage.