2017 Highlander Top 8 Player Profiles

The year end Top 8 is fast approaching and we are excited to bring you a full breakdown of the players, their accomplishments, and our predictions for the Top 8!

Budget Highlander: Blue Red Painter

Hello everyone, and Welcome back to another edition of budget highlander! Last week we covered the aggro end  of the spectrum.  I personally love aggro decks, but I know people also want to do sweet, combo-y things, while still having them happen on a reasonable budget.  I wasn’t sure how possible it would be, but… Read More »Budget Highlander: Blue Red Painter

Mono Green Aggro Budget Highlander By Tyler Woolley

Hello, and welcome to a new article series regarding everyone’s favorite quirky format, Canadian Highlander!

Highlander Counterspells Tier List

Hi everyone! During a recent North 100 Episode ( there was some talk of a Highlander Counterspells Tier List! I have compiled just such a list!

Point Changes Effective Oct. 23rd 2017

The following changes are going into effect Monday October 23rd 2017. Doomsday from 2 to 1 Hermit Druid from 3 to 2 Lim-Dul’s Vault from 1 to 0 Oath of Druid from 1 to 0 Sol Ring from 4 to 3 Tinker from 5 to 4 Time Vault from 7 to 6 Time Walk from 6… Read More »Point Changes Effective Oct. 23rd 2017

Points Change Effective August 14th 2017

The following changes are effective August 14th, 2017. Please read the rationale below.  

Highlander Mulligans Monday July 24th

Hello again! I am back with more Highlander Mulligans from the week that was! This week I was not able to attend the weekly tournament so we’re going to be looking at some hypothetical hands from some of the top performing decks of the week!

Highlander Mulligans Monday July 17th

This marks the first week of the Highlander Mulligans article. As I mentioned in my article about mulliganing in Highlander that you can find here I am going to start posting a few mulligans from the weekly Monday Highlander tournament to discuss. I’m going to post this disclaimer at the beginning of every article but since not… Read More »Highlander Mulligans Monday July 17th

Improving Your Mulliganing Choices

Every game of Magic involves a significant number of choices. What order to you play your lands? Do you double block or play around a removal spell? What card do you take with you Thoughtseize? While these decisions are important there is one much larger decision that comes before anything else and that decision is… Read More »Improving Your Mulliganing Choices

Points Change Effective May 29th 2017

Hello Highlanders, This is extremely atypical but we have another points change to announce.

Points List Update Effect May 22nd 2017

Hello Highlanders There has been one small change in the points list that will go into effect on May 22nd 2017.